Lash Growth Serum

The 3 Best Lash Growth Serum Review

One of the most beautiful parts of a woman face is her eyes. Eyes look better, more defined as well as beautiful with dense black lashes. But not everyone is blessed with naturally dense eye lashes.

So, for this you can opt for a lash growth serum to increase the growth of the lashes. It will look beautiful and great on you. But choosing the right and the best lash growth serum is very much important for effective growth of the lashes.

It is better to opt for the natural formulas with no harsh chemicals as the eye area is very sensitive and can have adverse effect due to chemicals. So, make sure that you are buying the best one for you.

Here are the top 3 lash growth serums that you can try for an effective growth of eye lashes. These 3 best serums are –

Idol Lash

You will get longer, darker, fuller and thicker eyelashes in just few weeks with the help of this serum. This is considered to be the best lash growth serum for everyone. This is tested completely safe for the eyes as the ingredients used are totally natural.

You need to remove the make up from the eyes fully and then apply this product both on the upper and lower lashes. The amount of liquid on the brush will be enough to apply once for both upper and lower lashes. You do not have to use a lot from this.

Lash Growth Serum


  • It is totally natural and will work great on the lashes
  • This will help you to grow the lashes in a short time
  • No harmful chemicals are used here to ensure your eyes are safe
  • Works on eyebrows also


  • A bit expensive

Lashiq Natural Eyelash Growth:

The process of applying is pretty much same. You need to apply this before sleeping. First of all remove all the make up from your eyes and then apply it to both the lashes with the brush provided. It is 100% natural lash growth serum which is highly effective.

This is the best lash growth serum which is scientifically proven and can increase the density of your lashes up to 82% in just 4 weeks. It is extremely easy to apply and you do not have to do a lot.


  • This lash growth serum is best for both women and men
  • It suits all the skin types
  • The formula used is 100 % natural


  • It does not help to increase the length of the eye lashes.

IT Lash Care Growth Serum

This is another great lash growth serum that will help you to increase the volume of your eye lashes. This will definitely help you to increase the length as well as the density of the lashes with the help of one of the most advanced technologies. The peptides present in this serum will help the eye lashes to grow properly.

You can get the result within a month or 30 days. Rinse your face thoroughly and remove the make up. Before applying the moisturizer you have to apply this on the lashes with the help of the brush provided. You can use this before going to sleep for a longer stay.


  • Works fast on the lashes and helps to grow them in short time
  • The ingredients used are of high quality and it will not affect your eye area
  • You can get attractive lashes and show them off naturally without the use of mascara.


  • It will slightly burn your eyes after applying but there is no harm or side effects in that.

So, these are the top 3 serums used for increasing the volume and beauty of the eye lashes. You need to choose the best lash growth serum among these according to your needs and preferences. The most important thing that you need to do is to look for the reviews as well as all the details of the ingredients used.

Before taking the final decision and buy a product, research is always essential. You need to know which of these will suit your skin type and also will be highly effective on your lashes. So, try one of these and sport your naturally beautiful and thicker lashes with confidence.

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