Provillus for Women – Full Kit Review

Provillus for Women – Full Kit Review

An Introduction to Provillus for Women

Provillus for women is a product that helps women grow their hair back. Some women experience bald patches and hair loss at different times in their lives. Remember that this hair loss can be the result of many different things, and it’s not always something to worry about. But if you have hair loss, you might want to try this product to grow your hair back and prevent the loss of more of your hair.

My Story With Provillus: I came across this product on the internet, reading a review just like you are right now. I was looking for something to fix my hair loss. Every time I brushed or took a shower, I found huge piles of hair on my brush or at the bottom of the shower. I didn’t know what to do! I had a bunch of tests taken at the doctor’s office, but they said I was perfectly healthy. So I looked online and decided to try it for myself. Worked great for me.

Does Provillus Work?

Yes it works, and no it’s not easy to use. So really, I am not sure whether or not this is actually my favorite product in the world or one that I just tolerate in order to have a nice head of hair!

Just how does Provillus work? Well, there are two things that you get in the box. The first is a set of women’s vitamins. These, I actually love because they keep me healthy overall. On the other hand, the solution can be so annoying. That’s the other thing you get, and you have to put it on your hair two times per day. Make sure that you follow the directions or you won’t see the great results. I used it twice per day every day for 3 months and then I started to finally notice less hair in my shower and on my brush, and I also started to see some of the balding and thinning areas and patches on my head fill in with new hair.

My overall rating of this product: 9/10

Provillus for Women – Full Kit Review

Provillus for Women Ingredients List

So let’s start by talking about the ingredients in the solution itself. The active and key ingredient in this solution is minoxidil. This is a product that is also in a lot of other hair regrowth products. It helps to both inhibit hair loss and start up new hair growth.

The ingredients listed in the vitamins are as follows:

  • Saw Palmetto
  • Zinc
  • Nettle
  • Biotin
  • Gotu Kola
  • Ulva Ursi
  • Vitamin B6
  • Pumpkin
  • Muria Puama

Provillus Side Effects

Provillus for women does not have any known side effects, but a few women have complained of several unwanted things happening. First, with the vitamins that you are supposed to take, according to some women, constipation became a problem. For others, the vitamins simply gave them an upset stomach so they had to stop taking them. Keep in mind this might product problems in terms of effectiveness.

In addition, the solution that you are to put on your head twice per day may cause some itching and burning. This should go away in a short amount of time, but if it persists, you might not be able to use Provillus.

Provillus Before and After

Before Using Provillus: Talk to your doctor if you have any reservations whatsoever about using Provillus. They may be able to look at the ingredients and any allergies that you have to determine whether or not this is a good product for you to try.

After Using Provillus: One thing to note about Provillus is that you have to continue to use it even after it works for you. For a lot of women, this can be seriously annoying, but it’s what you have to do.

Provillus Testimonials

“Great product for the price! I love the vitamins too!”

—Sherri, 37

“I lost my hair during chemo, and this helped me bring it back.”

—Diana, 64

“Not for me, gave me a rash.”

—Eliza, 39

“I do not take the vitamins because they make me constipated, but I love the solution. It really works!”

—Cindy, 29

The Overall Pros of Provillus for Women

  • Provides hair regrowth in balding and thinning patches on the head
  • Helps to stop even more hair loss from happening in the first place
  • Vitamins offer key nutrients for overall wellness

The Overall Cons of Provillus for Women

  • Some women experience stomach problems when using this product
  • The solution can cause rashes, itching and dryness on the scalp
  • You have to put the solution on and continue using the vitamins even after you get your desired results

My Final Analysis of Provillus for Women

In the end, you’ve seen that I’ve given this product a review of 9 our of 10. I feel that it definitely works because I saw it work first hand for myself, and I also feel that it is fairly easy to use. The only thing I would say that I do not like about it is the fact that you have to keep on using it even after you have seen results and progress. That is very annoying, and I wish that I could just stop using it.

But all and all, this has been a lifesaver for me, and I wouldn’t trade this product for any other. I love the way I don’t have to worry about tufts of hair at the bottom of my shower or on my pillow at night any more! If you are a women who is currently experiencing hair loss or balding spots on your head, give it a try and see what you think!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this article.  As always, feel free to ask any questions or give your input as you see fit.


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