Should You Wash Your Hair Before Getting It cut

Should You Wash Your Hair Before Getting It cut

When going to get a haircut people differ on whether to wash their hair before getting it cut. Here are some reasons to get your hair washed before going to your barber or stylist.

Common Courtesy

Your stylist or barber is going to be polite, and do the best job they can regardless of how long it’s been since you washed your hair, but they certainly prefer to cut clean hair.

If your hair smells, or is a tangled mess, you are making the job of the barber or stylist harder. Wash your hair out of common courtesy to your barber or stylist. You can always call ahead, and if they tell you not to wash it then you can come in as is.

Washed Hair Is Easier To Style

wash your hairWashed hair is just easier for your barber or stylist to work with to give you the perfect haircut. When your hair is washed it’s easier to brush, comb, trim, and style. Having tangled and dirty hair makes the job of the barber much more difficult. Plus, it’s easier to put in a conditioner if your hair is already washed.

Clean Hair Helps Your Stylist See You At Your Best

When you go to get a haircut done, the goal is for the stylist to have you looking and feeling your best after the haircut is over. If you are trying to impress someone with your new look, it’s better to have clean hair. A barber or stylist will be able to see you at your best, and are more likely to come up with the perfect hair style for you.

Washing Your Hair Helps With Coloring It

If you go to a stylist to get your hair colored, it’s a necessity to wash your hair before the appointment. Having clean hair is the best way to ensure that the color will be applied perfectly throughout your hair. Not washing your hair can make the coloring job not look as even as you would like.

Showering Helps Get Grease Out Of Your Hair

Barbers and stylists are not a fan of having to touch greasy slimy hair. When you wash your hair thoroughly you are doing them a favor. Their job is to touch their client’s hair. Having to touch hair that hasn’t been washed in a week or two is not their idea of a good time.

Stylists who like you are going to be motivated to do a better job. You don’t want your stylist to be disgusted by you for not taking a shower. Get your hair clean, and let them do a great job cutting your hair. The appointment should be enjoyable for everyone.

Washing your hair before your appointment is the way to go in most cases. Always contact your stylist or barber to make sure. Washing your hair is good common courtesy, helps evening out the coloring, makes you look your best, and helps to remove grease. Your stylist and barber will thank you with a great haircut.

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