Bald Spots

What Causes Bald Spots on Your Head?

Bald spots on the head: no one wants this problem. This is not a typical problem of many people in the world, but it does certainly affect some men and women and it can become a serious problem. Scientifically and to most of the professionals and doctors that you’ll meet, this problem is called alopecia areata.

It occurs in only approximately 2.5 to 3.5 percent of the population, and surprisingly to some, the same number of men as women experience this problem, which is characterized more by patches of baldness on random (seemingly) areas around the head as opposed to right in the middle of the head as is common with typical male pattern baldness. If you have experienced this form of baldness, let’s get started seeing what it is that could be causing this problem for you and also what to do if you suspect something more serious could be causing this problem for you.

What could be causing the bald spots on your head

  • 1. Stress
  • 2. Thyroid Problems
  • 3. Post Hysterectomy Issues
  • 4. Efforts During Weight Loss
  • 5. Diabetes

1. Stress


Sounds crazy right? How could what you are feeling in your mind and with your emotions actually be impacting what you look like physically and what your body is doing in terms of your hair growth? But it is entirely true!

Many men and women who go through exceptionally stressful times in their lives end up having to deal with bald patches on their heads because they aren’t figuring out ways to deal with the anxiety and stress. It can be a huge problem for people.

If you feel that you are dealing with large amounts of stress, there are things you can do to “cool off” and chill out a little bit more. It might be frightening to change your ways, but learning to decompress each day can be extremely useful. For example, take up a hobby, or try a new sport. Try meditating or reading for pleasure. Turn off the TV. Go to see a counselor, or try to go outside more often to enjoy nature.

2. Thyroid Problems

Have you ever heard of the thyroid? This is one of the most important glands around. It is a large gland, and its job is to dole out hormones to the body. These hormones are responsible for how fast your metabolism goes and how your body grows and changes. Because hormones often have a lot to do with alopecia and balding spots that occur on the head, if you have a problem with your thyroid, this might be the culprit of your bald spots.

3. Post Hysterectomy Issues

Some women can have problems with bald spots on the head after they get a hysterectomy. The hysterectomy procedure is generally associated with women who do not wish to have children any more. While this is of course true of these women, it is also a procedure that is done when women have a high risk of ovarian or breast cancer or when women are having serious hormone problems. But the hormone issues associated with the procedure can also cause bald patches afterward.

4. Efforts During Weight Loss

When you are severely overweight or clinically obese, it is of course necessary that you take action and try to lose weight. But it can also be very difficult for many people to do this when they end up feeling hungry all the time.

If this is you when you are dieting (constantly feeling like you haven’t had enough to eat), then you really need to listen to your body because you probably indeed have not had enough to eat, and in that case, you need to rework your diet plan. This isn’t as scary as it sounds. Just try to eat more greens, fruits and other veggies. Also try to consume less sugar and less refined carbs. Eat more protein and drink more water. If you exercise more, eat more!

5. Diabetes

Diabetes and especially type II diabetes has been linked to many other physical issues that plague adults. Diabetes, when left unchecked and untracked, can lead to feet and leg amputations, blindness and even death.

If you have diabetes (type II) or if your doctor has told you that you have pre-diabetes and you need to crack down on your exercise and eating habits in order to fix this problem, do so right away, or you may end up having to deal with even more severe problems other than patchy spots on your head.

If you have other symptoms, go to a doctor

Last but certainly not least, remember that there are other things that are more serious that could be causing you to lose your hair in certain spots on your head. While no one likes to think about these things, it is certainly something to remember so that you can look out for other symptoms that may go along with bald spots on your head.

Other than watching for these symptoms (possible depression, lack of sleep, severe and unwanted weight loss or weight gain, and other things), make sure to also focus on the possible causes of bald spots listed above so that you can make changes in your life to remedy the problem. Certainly, not one wants to experience bald spots forever. This can be an upsetting and annoying problem that embarrasses many people.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave your thoughts below.  I look forward to the discussion.


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