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Remington Smooth and Silky Epilator EP6010 Review | In Dept Review

Review of Remington Smooth and Silky Epilator Ep6010

Women having lots of hair on the vital parts of their body including legs, face and other sensitive areas usually search for various methods for removing these unwanted hair. Some of them shave the hair but some hate shaving as it can harden their skin.

Such people can opt for Remington epilator ep6010 to get smooth and silky skin every time. The Remington smooth and silky epilator ep6010 review provided in this write-up can help you in knowing about this device more precisely.

Remington is one of the top brands producing grooming products for men and women both. Recently they have successfully entered into the field of producing Epilators for women to remove unwanted hair from their body parts.

Remington smooth and silky epilator ep6010 is among the best products they have produced to help ladies in getting smooth, silky and hairless skin very easily.

Remington Smooth and Silky Epilator Ep6010

Features of Remington Smooth and Silky Epilator

Some of the top features of Remington smooth and silky epilator ep6010 include:

Curved head: It allows the device to remain in touch with your skin even while using it on the larger area of your legs or smaller areas of your vital parts like underarms, facial skin and bikini areas.

42 tweezers: You can easily handle large amount of hair while using this device due to large number of tweezers in it. You can easily end up the process as soon as possible with this device.

Dual Speeds: You can use this device as per this device as per the quality of your hair with the help of its dual speed option. You can use to at higher speed while removing coarse hair and at slower speed for thin or fine hair.

Corded device: You can use it only with chord. Though cordless devices are considered more comfortable but still this device is better than cordless devices due to its affordable price.

2 year manufacturers guarantee: Remington offers two years money back guarantee for its grooming products to ensure the quality of their performance.


  • The 42 tweezers of this epilator ensure the usability of this hair removing device
  • You need not use it again and again to get the best results
  • It lifts up the hair to be removed over your skin to remove it near the skin easily
  • You can easily get smooth and silky skin better than several other epilators in this range.
  • You can enjoy your smooth skin for long time as it removes your hair nearest to your skin


  • Remington epilator removes each of your unwanted hair very gently especially from your vital parts including bikini area or face.
  • It greatly removes hair from lager as well as smear areas of your body with equal excellence.
  • Its sensitive attachments allow you to remove hair from your sensitive areas easily
  • You can use it comfortably according to the type of your hair and skin


The accessories provided with Remington epilator include:

  • A protective cap
  • A cleaning brush
  • 2 years warranty from its manufacturer


Remington epilator ep6010 is the best epilator used for removing hair from your legs and sensitive body parts including underarms and face etc.

No. of Tweezers: 42

Speed setting: Dual speed setting

Wet & Dry: Dry

Corded/Cordless: Chorded device

Built-in light: No built-in light

Tiny hairs removal: Removes hair extremely close to the skin

Who Should Buy The Remington Smooth & Silky Epilator?

Those who have lots of hair all over their body should buy this product for removing unwanted hair from their vital body parts like legs, underarms and bikini area along with face.


It is one of the most successful Remington devices that can provide smooth and silky skin within a few minutes. It can easily cover smaller and curvy areas like lips and chin.


The results of this device are not as shown by the models in its advertisements. You will have to handle it carefully to get smother skin effectively.


After reading the Remington smooth and silky epilator ep6010 review provided in this write-up you should not wait to buy it after others if you want to get smooth and silky skin by removing your unwanted hair without shaving them. It is one of the most affordable epilators available on online stores in this price range.

Most of its users have found it satisfactory. Moreover 2 years manufacturers’ money back warranty ensures the quality of this product. Go ahead and buy it now.


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